Author: Claudia Graham Wood

Local GA Historical Site: Trahlyta’s Grave

A large pile of stones marks the grave of a Cherokee princess, named Trahlyta. According to the legend of her tribe, she lived on Cedar Mountain in north Georgia. She claimed to know the location of the magic springs, and loved living on Cedar Mountain.

When she was a young woman, Trahlyta was kidnapped by a rejected suitor, named Wahsega. She was taken far away from her home, became grief-stricken and lost her beauty. As she was dying, Wahsega promised to bury her near her home and the magic springs. The custom among the Indians was to drop stones on her grave for good fortune as you passed by.

The magic springs, now known as Porter Springs, is just 3/4 miles northeast of her grave.

Locals have also taken to the tradition of adding a stone to her grave as they pass by for good luck.